This tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean is made up of 115 islands, a unique destination that was uninhabited until the late 18th century.   Located 1,000 miles away from any other foreign coastlines, the Seychelles boasts a spectacular diversity of endemic and indigenous species.  Almost half of the land has been granted protected status as nature reserves.

The Seychelles offers barefoot luxury, secluded island hideaways and unforgettable diving, snorkeling and sailing.  It is popular for destination weddings and romantic escapes.   You can easily island hop and experience the fusion of influences from France, Africa and Madagascar.  The national language is Creole but French and English is also spoken.  The daily catch of seafood combines with tropical produce and exotic culinary combinations for memorable meals. 

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Seychelles Highlights


Island accommodations range from exclusive island retreats and barefoot luxury villas to rustic eco-lodges and yoga retreats. Some are family-friendly and others are best for honeymooners.

Inner Islands

There are 43 Inner islands forming the cultural and economic hub of Seychelles. Mahé is the largest and most populated island in the Seychelles archipelago with much to offer including mountain hikes and rock climbing in addition to all the water activities.  Praslin and La Digue are the other most popular of the inner islands.

Photo: Wilderness Safaris

North Island

This exclusive wilderness sanctuary is for those seeking an unspoilt tropical beach home away from home. There are just 11 opulent, hand-crafted villas, providing privacy for all guests. Each villa is just a few steps from the beach and ocean waters. There are many different activities to enjoy from scuba diving and snorkeling to mountain biking and guided walks.  Spend time with the environmental team learning about the Noah’s Ark conservation and island rehabilitation projects.  North Island is an exquisite venue for the perfect honeymoon, life celebration or family holiday. 

Photo: Maia Luxury Resort & Spa

Maia Luxury Resort & Spa

Mahé Island
Set on a private peninsula overlooking Anse Louis Beach, the 30 spacious villas are surrounded by scented award-winning gardens. The villas embrace indoor/outdoor living, with 25ft infinity pools, glass walled showers, outdoor sunken double bathtubs and thatched gazebos with a daybed, dining and bar area. A dedicated butler will take care of all of your needs.  The spa is first rate and there are morning yoga and qi gong sessions.  Service lies at the core of Maia’s philosophy.

Photo: Frégate Island Private

Frégate Island Private

A world class sustainable island, the Frégate Island is a 500-acre gem in the Indian Ocean, only 20 minutes by helicopter from Mahé. Guests have privacy on the island with only 16 luxurious villas crafted from native mahogany. The Banyan Hill Estate is also located on the island and overlooks the harbor, beaches and island. Of the seven beaches on the island, one of them has been voted as one of the world’s beast beaches. Conservation is a very important aspect on the island. There are many bird species and well over 2,000 free roaming Giant Aldabra Tortoises. The island also uses naturally grown products in their dishes and spa treatments.

Outer Islands

There are 72 coraline islands that are located about ten degrees to the south of the equator.

Photo: Alphonse Island Lodge

Alphonse Island Lodge

The Alphonse group of atolls are part of the outer islands and considered one of the most pristine, untouched Edens of the world.  The lodge is open year-round and has 22 air-conditioned beach bungalows, five beach suites and two villas with four bedrooms.  Come here to snorkel with mantas and sailfish, scuba dive, explore reef flats and nearby uninhabited islands, go fishing, beach biking, birding and watch for turtle hatching. Guests can also participate in conservation projects.  A one-hour flight from Mahé will have you on the white sandy beach of a nature lover’s paradise.

Travel Information

When to go to the Seychelles

Sitting on the equator and outside the cyclone belt means that the Seychelles experience a pleasant tropical climate year round.  Different times of year may be better suited to your particular activities.  The year is divided between the northwest trade winds (October to March) when it is hot and humid, rainstorms interspersed with blue skies, and the sea is calm.   The southeast winds (May to September) make the sea a bit choppy and not optimal for diving or snorkeling, but this is when it is sunniest, and temperatures are cooler.   The wettest months are December and January.

Passport & Visa for the Seychelles

Your passport must be valid for the duration of your stay until your arrival back to your country of origin or residence.  Travelers must make sure that their passport contains at least one blank page for visa and immigration stamps.  A one-month visitor’s permit is issued on arrival.  There are no visa requirements to travel to the Seychelles. 

For further information:  The Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles in Washington, D.C. & U.S. State Department

Medical Information for the Seychelles

Before traveling to the Seychelles, please consult with your physician. No mandatory vaccinations are required to visit the Seychelles unless you have traveled through countries where yellow fever is present within six days preceding your arrival.  You do not need a malaria prophylaxis.

For further information:​  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Seychelles